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Use our BigRock VPS Coupons to save your hard earned money while ordering VPS Hoisting from BigRock. With these BigRock VPS Coupon Codes, you can get a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for as low as Rs. 10,000 (30% Off). This 30% Discount Coupon Code for BigRock VPS only works for Indian VPS; if you want to get a VPS located on United States, you can still get a discount of 20%.

BigRock VPS Coupon Codes

Get 30% off on Shared, Reseller, VPS & Cloud Hosting
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Get 70% off on your VPS Package on the 1st Month
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Applicable to both India and US Servers.
Get 30% off on your purchase of BigRock VPS India Hosting
You must choose an Indian VPS Hosting plan. You can do so by clicking on “Switch to VPS India” button on the VPS HOSTING page of BigRock.
Get 20% off on your VPS package!

Expired Coupons

30% off on VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers for purchases of 3 months and above
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About BigRock Virtual Private Server

BigRock VPS coupon codes are exceptionally liked by customers as it offers VPS hosting which is not offered by other hosting options. BigRock VPS coupons are highly preferred by customers due to a number of benefits attached to it over various other hosting options available in the market. A VPS  Hosting  especially means hosting multiple sites under same server. It helps in sharing all the resources or most of it at the same time. It is the main reason why cutomers prefer VPS servers as there are a plethora of benefits attached to VPS hosting.

VPS Page of BigRock

With the help of VPS hosting service, a customer can avail all required web resources and maintain a successful site. The best part about it is its far lower in rate than various other hosting servers available in the market. BigRock VPS coupons offer various deals in a single package which gives various other facilities like security free to the customers.

In VPS hosting service, there are partitions in servers which is made by converting a physical computer server into a number of virtual servers. With this, each single server gets an independent operating system as well as separate software. By using such kind of servers, users enjoy full access to main servers as well as avail flexible options which make the process even easier for them.

Now, let’s understand how VPS hosting is different from shared and dedicated. In dedicated servers, an entire server is rented which is preferred by people having high traffic to their website or who want their server to be set up in a particular way. However, it’s not mandatory for everyone to have a dedicated server as it depends on the performance of your website to a large extent. If your website is just in the starting up phase, you may only need a small portion of the server. Shared hosting basically refers to sharing a portion of the server with other users instead of renting it specifically for yourself.

The technology of VPS hosting service is very similar to VMware or Virtual Box technology. It allows a user to run a number of virtualized operating systems on a single machine. The best way to understand this is you can run other operating systems like Windows XP or Linux on your desktop which has Windows 7 operating system.

The BigRock VPS hosting environment functions on the similar pattern. Using only one physical server, a user can operate various virtualized operating systems on that.  In this, each virtualized operating system functions like a dedicated server. So, it gives the user benefits of enjoying all the functions of a dedicated server at just a meager cost.

Some of the biggest benefits of VPS hosting services include privacy, customization, control and availability of dedicated resources.

  • Privacy- You enjoy complete privacy with VPS as you are not sharing your operating system with anyone else and you are safe from any other websites which can access your files.
  • Customization- It refers to your freedom to make changes to any of the services offered by VPS according to your needs. Apart from this, you are also free to use various server applications like PHP, Apache and MySOL.
  • Control- This refers to having full control on your system. You can restart your VPS server without causing any affect on other servers even if you share yours with other VPS servers.
  • Dedicated Resources- With the availability of a specific dedicated amount of RAM for the user in VPS services, only the user can make use of it and no one else.

VPS hosting service plays a pivotal role when any of the sites is under modification as the other site doesn’t get affected with it. This is possible only because of the availability of separate servers offered with VPS service. This kind of web hosting service is highly recommended for business people and proves to be greatly beneficial for those who prefer a stronger and customizable hosting as compared to shared hosting.

With BigRock VPS service, you can enjoy all the features and functions of a dedicated server without paying any extra amount. In fact, VPS Hosting service by BigRock helps in offering the best web hosting services to its users.

The greatest benefits of using VPS hosting offered by BigRock are root access, guaranteed resources and complete isolation. By root access, it helps in installing any kind of compatible application making the process much easier for the users. It offers complete isolation as it remains mostly unaffected by activities carried out by other users on the server. Apart from this, VPS offers guaranteed resources under all kinds of situations and the user can comfortably use CPU, RAM, HDD and bandwidth.

Here are the highlights of some of the best features offered by BigRock VPS hosting services:

With  BigRock VPS, you get NetApp FAS3240 Enterprise Level Shared Storage which is equipped with providing a storage uptime of 99.999%.

The process of billing is very safe as it is done using control panel provided by Bigrock. The automated installation process configured with Cpanel helps in setting up the control panel quite easily.

With BigRock, you get full root access which enables you to use any kind of software which is compatible with VPS package.

The option of upgrading or downgrading the current plan you have is also available on immediate basis.

The users get a fully managed VPS system with BigRock VPS coupons.

The best part is the 30 Day money back guarantee scheme which gives one mental peace. Not only this, it also comes with 100% risk free operation.

With all these benefits, BigRock VPS coupons and BigRock VPS coupon codes have certainly become the big hit among the users who wish to enjoy its relentless services full of benefits for its customers.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab BigRock VPS coupons and enjoy the benefits of web hosting services. All the details of the services offered are mentioned in the BigRock VPS coupon codes which help the customers in understanding the details easily.

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