BigRock Domain Transfer Coupons

Use our BigRock Domain Transfer Coupons to save your hard earned money while transferring domains from another registrar to BigRock. With these BigRock Domain Transfer Coupon Codes, you can transfer a .COM domain from another registrar to BigRock only for Rs. 480 (25% Off).

Domain Transfer Coupons

Get 15% Off on your Domain Transfer
Get 25% Off on your Domain Transfer
Transfer a .COM Domain from another Registrar to BigRock only for Rs. 480.

Why Transfer Domains To BigRock

There are various registrars that provide huge discount during the registration of a new domain but to renew domains on those registrars you have to pay more money when compared to BigRock. BigRock renewal prices are cheaper than most of its competitors. So, you can register a domain with another registrar and can transfer it to BigRock before renewal. When you transfer your Domain to BigRock, you get following things for free:

1 Year Free Renewal

When you transfer domain names from another registrar to BigRock, BigRock renews the domain for one year for free.

2 Free Email Accounts

You get 2 free Email accounts for your domain name for free. You can create two email accounts in the format

Current BigRock Domain Transfer Pricing

(as on 8th August, 2014)
.com – Rs. 639
.net – Rs. 549 .co – Rs. 1,549
.org – Rs. 659
.in – Rs. 499 – Rs. 399
.me – Rs. 1,149
.asia – Rs. 799 .biz – Rs. 609 – Rs. 399